To me, the great question of our time is when making decisions at any level of government, will it be to support the good of all people or the profit of a few?

From the White House to the State House to Contois Auditorium, I believe we must work toward a more representative, people-centered, and truly democratic government.

This means giving people a legitimate seat at the table on issues of development and management of public assets; ensuring everyone can find truly-affordable housing and earn a decent living; and expanding access to the basic human rights of a quality education for all and medical treatment for drug addiction and mental health issues.

With important decisions to be made on all of these fronts over the coming years, Ward 5 needs an advocate for the needs of everyone in our community.

If you believe in putting people first, I am asking for your support so we can send a strong voice to the City Council for Ward 5.


Paid for by Jesse Warren for City Council