Jesse was born in Brooklyn, NY to a working class family — the son of a bartender and small business owner; the grandson of a union ironworker and World War veteran. He lived in a number of cities across the country before finally settling in Burlington with the love of his life, Katrina — a 5th generation Vermonter and UVM grad — after she was offered a job in town.


He graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in history, after which he spent four years working as a songwriter and music producer. He worked as a ranch-hand during the day and in the studio at night before reaching success. Today, his song Shine is widely hailed as a classic in the world of no-copyright music, reaching tens of millions of people in over sixty countries.


Having written every song with the mission of uplifting and empowering others, he views his greatest accomplishment to date as the messages he still receives from people around the world telling him his music made a difference in their lives — giving them the courage to stand up to bullies, strength to believe in themselves, and the hope to get through hard times.


It was this same mission which caused him to shift his focus from music to government, where he spent several years working for progressive campaigns and organizations. This included a year with a Progressive Democratic leader in the U.S. Senate, with a focus on efforts to expand access to quality healthcare, boost wages for the working class, and preserve our democracy through campaign finance reform.


Having lived in many places growing up, much of his life was defined by always being the outsider: never knowing a place that really felt like home. This changed when he came to Burlington — where the lake and mountains, engaged and inclusive citizenry, and vibrant artistic spirit made it the first city that ever truly felt like home and where he plans on living for the rest of his life.


In Burlington, he runs a small publishing company focusing on music in addition to books related to art and politics. His book, The Signs of a Time — an art book about the Progressive values that unite us — will be released in early 2018, coinciding with the one year anniversary of the Women's March.


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